Active Transportation Peer Learning Network

Welcome! The Active Transportation Peer Learning Network (ATPLN) is a space for ChooseWell champions to come together to share their ideas, skills, and experiences on how to improve active transportation within their communities.

What is “active transportation” and why is it important?

Active transportation is any form of human powered travel, as defined by the Public Health Agency of Canada. Examples include, but are not limited to walking, using a non-mechanized wheelchair, biking, skateboarding, and snowshoeing. Active transportation can reduce the risk of developing chronic health problems, boost the local economy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and prevent injuries. Learn more about the benefits of active transportation here.

Why Should I Join?

As part of the ATPLN you get special access to: 

  • Virtual get-togethers 
  • Resources shared by network members and Communities ChooseWell staff 
  • Ongoing support and connection through an online discussion forum
  • Member profiles to facilitate direct collaboration, guidance and support among healthy living champions

Who Can Join?

Communities ChooseWell Champions who are interested in or currently working on practices, places, policies, and/or partnerships to improve active transportation. 

How Can I Join?

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COVID-19 statement: At Communities ChooseWell, we acknowledge that there have been challenges and changes that have impacted recreation operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are committed to supporting our champions through this time and believe this Peer Learning Network group can be a space for adaptive and reflexive content as we transition to a new normal within our communities.