Alberta Healthy Communities Symposium

What is the Symposium All About?

The Alberta Healthy Communities Symposium, will offer opportunities to network and build upon current community resources and programs while providing tangible ways to grow your community’s future. Communities ChooseWell celebrates the diversity of all Albertan communities, so whether your work aims to influence grassroots, organizational, or systems level change, the symposium will have inspiring content for all!

What Will You Learn at the Symposium?

The 2022 Alberta Healthy Communities Symposium will offer opportunities that will allow you to reconnect with yourself, enhance your capacity to connect with others, and deepen the connections within your communities. With this focus on connection, you will be inspired to launch, continue, or evolve Healthy Eating, and Active Living (HEAL) initiatives in your communities.

Symposium Details

Join us for 3 half days, March 8–10, 2022 for virtual symposium, which will begin by introducing the Connection theme through the Grandmothers’ Circle and then dive into content rich breakout sessions. Throughout the symposium you will gain a deeper understanding of the concepts related to healthy eating and active living and community connection. 

Tuesday, March 8:
9 – 10:15 AM The Grandmothers’ Circle on the Power of Connection

Join the next Grandmothers’ Circle on the Power of Connection! This group of four multi-nation Elders will come together to discuss a woman’s perspective on the importance of connection and how it can create a sense of healing for either an individual or a community. Listen as they share their experiences of connection in the context of healthy eating and active living. We are excited to welcome Elders: Doreen Healy (Blackfoot), Edmee Comstock (Métis), Vinnia Van Overdyk (Saulteaux/Cree), and Violet March (Denesuline).

Wednesday, March 9:
9 – 10:30 AM The Great Disconnect + Q&A with Tamer Soliman

The Great Disconnect is an award winning documentary that uncovers why, in a world seemingly more connected than ever before, people are feeling more and more socially isolated – and the true cost this has on our lives. The documentary invites us to reflect on the relationships we have with those around us and raises the question: is it possible to overcome our modern culture of disconnectedness and rediscover how truly essential we are to one other?

Symposium Agenda

Click Here to view the 2022 Symposium Agenda


Stay tuned for details about the 2023 Alberta Healthy Communities Symposium!

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