Healthy Communities Framework

Are you a recreation professional or community leader committed to healthy eating and active living in your community? Then this resource is for you! The Healthy Communities Framework (HCF) has been designed with health and wellness champions in mind and is intended to help increase healthy eating and active living (HEAL) initiatives in communities across Alberta! 

As a free online community development tool, this framework is composed of 7 key areas (7 Pillars) that provide suggested actions you can take to help your community build towards a healthier future.

The 7 Pillars include: Policy, Places, People, Partnerships, Programs, Promotion, and Participation.

Which Pillar Should You Start With?

Whether you are deep into your project or just looking to get started, the following 7 Pillars are there to help guide you along the way! Choose your own adventure and start building towards a healthier future!