Cornerstone Community Park

Gratitude shone brightly in the story of Cornerstone Community Park in Chestermere Alberta. Corey Skrypnek of Synergy was filled with awe and appreciation as she described the efforts which were behind the creation of Cornerstone Community Park.  She was encouraged to never underestimate how folk can get behind projects which benefit the whole community.   

And the story is told in the numbers:

50 + volunteers from the community 

300+ hours of skilled labour 

200+ hours of unskilled labour, landscape and irrigation design

22 landscaping companies 

$280,000 value of contributed machinery, equipment, plants, trees, sod, top soil, mulch and  rocks.  

All of these resources came together to transform a neglected corner of Chestermere into a park which can be used by the whole community for walking, games, picnics and BBQ’s.  The park was also a shout out to the importance of youth friendly initiatives happening in Chestermere. The new park surrounds a pre-existing skateboard park as well as the Centre for Community Leadership, home to Synergy which runs many youth programs.  Now Synergy is able to also run outdoor programming in the newly created green space. 

The pathways in Cornerstone Community Park have made it possible to walk from one side of Chestermere to the other without needing to walk on the road or use dirt paths.  

 It was youth leadership which enabled the addition of a water fountain so that skateboarders and other park users don’t have to leave the park to get hydrated. They came up with the idea of the fountain and helped raise the necessary funds.   

The whole community helped create this space and the whole community benefits from this transformation. This park is the first landmark that people see when they are entering Chestermere from the highway and tells a story that in Chestermere the residents can make things happen.